A lot has happened in the last 8 weeks. The earth has probably warmed by 0 .00000??1 degree, we have new faces in the Council and our shopping habits have been so scrutinised and challenged that I finally now feel huge pangs of guilt at those eclairs sitting in their plastic trays! However, good things have come from all this eco anxiety…

The Keep Copthorne Tidy group has launched a successful first litter pick with possible further opportunities to offset your ‘plastic footprint’ so keep your eyes peeled on the Copthorne Locals Facebook group for updates. We also have it on good authority that there will be reusable and returnable cups at the Carnival.

And more good things have happened. It’s definitely running season and Copthorner, James Gray ran the London Landmarks Half Marathon for the first time in April as part of a group raising money for North London Cares. This amazing charity goes the extra mile for the elderly by taking them to such unlikely places as cocktail bars in Soho and to visit large corporations. I’ll never forget the light in the eyes of my mother-in-law as she fervently recounted her experience at the head office of Google! I’m not sure what the Copthorne equivalent would be? Any suggestions welcome!