Church News

With Simon’s departure, the management of the parish falls to the Churchwardens, Sue and Monica, with oversight from the Rural Dean, Rev Julia Peaty. We are extremely grateful to all the clergy who are giving support with services and everyone who has taken on practical tasks to enable the church to run smoothly. It is only when some things don’t happen that one realises how many ‘little things’ Simon and Barbara just did!

However, one rather large change that we must face is that the Parish Office has to be moved from the Vicarage before the Bishop will consider a new vicar for Copthorne. The diocese considers that the Vicarage is the vicar’s home and should be just that.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) considered many options and has decided that the most economic choice is to build the office onto the side of the church, as planned in the proposed new annex, The Link. We do not have funds to complete the whole project but have raised enough money to build ‘phase 1’ – the Parish Office. Planning and diocesan amendments have been granted and we hope to begin to build very soon. As this will involve alterations to the vestry, we may have to create a temporary vestry area in the church which would require the church to be locked when not in use. We apologise in advance for this.

Unfortunately, splitting a building project inevitably pushes up the cost of the whole but fundraising is continuing to complete The Link, as we still fervently believe that this will enhance St. John’s ministry to the village. If you can help us with a donation or a pledge we would be very pleased to hear from you.